Panafold is a San Francisco company that strives to keep curiosity alive. We believe that you can learn from many kinds of people and that many people can learn from you. Our team's diversity of ideas, cultures and life experiences make us the best partners for our imaginative clients. 

We work with architects, designers and other client-facing firms to create efficient decisions and exquisite implementation. With our software, architects and designers collaborate with their clients to make decisions quickly while keeping the rest of their teams, including contractors, on the same page. In addition to exquisite designs and handcrafted workmanship, our high-quality renders from our Design/Render/Build branch facilitate efficient decision-making for our customers and their clients.  



Kit Halvorsen
Cofounder, CEO

Kit Halvorsen is the Co-founder of Panafold and serves as its Chief Executive Officer. Previously, Mr. Halvorsen founded the design company, Common Era. In education, he created the Ideas Fellowship class at Crystal Springs Upland School where he now coaches the graduating seniors through Senior Projects, the culmination of students' one-month independent study. Mr. Halvorsen holds a B.A. in Philosophy from UCLA.

Quote on leading with perseverance: I’m not built to be a rower. I’m not 6’5”, and I can’t bench press much. However, perseverance is what I can contribute to a team. In high school, my job was stroke, to set and keep the pace. That meant holding the stroke rate despite the urge to speed up with excitement or relent when doubtful, no matter what the race brought. Sometimes perseverance is the only thing that gets the team through.

Meg Withgott
Cofounder, CTO

Meg Withgott is the Co-founder of Panafold and serves as its Chief Technology Officer. Dr. Withgott co-founded the motion gaming company ePlanet, and led research efforts on media and computation at Xerox PARC, Interval and Sun Labs. She is a director at Golden Seeds, a network fostering diversity in technology startups, and is a council member at Barnard (President's Advisory Council in Technology) and Harvard Divinity School (HDS Dean’s Council), and a past Fellow at Stanford and Harvard. She is also an inventor with 17 US patents. A Ph.D. in linguistics, her publications are in EE, CS, and the humanities.

Quote on building for the future: How we design our relationship to computers will not hinge on whether or not we add gesture or voice, bots or artificial intelligence, although all these elements clearly matter. Instead, the profound aspect is how our design shapes the culture we’re a part of.



Alejandro Miguel Buitimea is a Software Engineering Intern at Panafold and a 4th year Computer Engineering student from the University of California San Diego (UCSD). He is from the San Fernando Valley and has a passion for technology. His interests include building new technologies with web and mobile development. He also enjoys playing soccer, ordering from Amazon, and being inside the virtual reality environment.

Wut Yee Htwe is a designer, inventor, and story teller. She has experience in building and making prototypes using varied techniques and materials ranging from casting concrete to welding steel. She believes that as a designer, it is essential to communicate not only through sketches but also in three dimensions with real materials—letting the object come to life. Between two and three dimensional renderings, Wut conveys vivid stories.

Wut has a Bachelor degree in Architecture and a background in both eastern and western culture. Beyond her design-build experience, she has worked in marketing and administration. Outside of her professional life, she enjoys traveling and exploring. She is always looking for ways to invent thought products designed the end user in mind. With a keen interest in design and technology, she believes a new world can be created.

Jorge Landaverde is a Full Stack Developer for Panafold. He is a whirlwind of questions and extremely curious. You will often find him reading API/SDK documentation before starting a new project, doing so empowers him become the flex-pick of any team he joins. He loves exploring the world through the art of programming and is fascinated by problems around realtime communication/collaboration. 

He studied Aerospace Engineering until he took a programming class and changed to Computer Engineering without hesitation. He earned his Bachelors in Science in Computer Engineering from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). His other passion is dancing. He practices Salsa, Bachata, Merengue and Kizomba. He recharges his introvert batteries with computer programming, and has cared for cat, dog, turtle and even chicken pets.

Sarah Suzuki is Panafold's Customer Connector, and an actor based in Brooklyn, NY. She is originally from Littleton, CO and attended Barnard College, where she received a BA in Theater with a concentration in Acting. She enjoys theater that plays with your sense of what is possible and what is real. She believes acting is an exercise in empathy and that playing characters leagues removed from your reality requires the ability to identify with and understand others. In addition to her Panafold and acting work, Sarah is an arts administrator for dance companies.



Bianca Lin is a designer and a recent graduate of California College of the Arts (CCA) with the degree of Bachelor of Architecture. She has architectural construction drawing and modeling experiences ranging from small residential projects to large apartment buildings.

As a designer, Bianca believes a good design should reflect upon its users and create synergy to the narrative. She also enjoys traveling and analog photography.



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