The Panafold desktop app

The Panafold desktop app


Panafold offers an innovative software platform that is all about collaboration within your team, the client and and conveying critical information to contractors.

We offer a desktop app that enables collaboration with your team, with or without your client's input. It uses a straightforward tagging system to easily create schedules. It is an interactive look-and-feel board in itself, that also allows for exporting mood boards boards for client presentations.

Panafold integrates with other apps, such as "Capture," our mobile offering, as well as our Chrome Extension.

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The Chrome Extension in use

The Chrome Extension in use

Chrome Extension

The Panafold Chrome Extension is a tool for architects, designers and their clients to add images, content, and pictures to their Project Notebooks. This Chrome Extension can stand alone, but it functions best when used in conjunction with the Panafold desktop app.

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Capture enables architects, designers or clients to take or upload a photograph while on the go. When they get back to their desktop, they can add comments and tags. Available on iOS.

Please email to be added to the beta.